These are the people that help make AJP Official happen. Whether it be music production, AV, or web design, teamwork is essential to making everything come together.
** = Has ADHD

Ashton Petschen


I do all of the rapping, as well as help with writing the lyrics. If anyone wants to help with music compositon, please contact me as I need help.

Ian Houle


I am the manager. I make sure that everyone is doing their jobs correctly. I deal with partners and well as clients.

Jayke Peters

Technical Support

I provide all technical support for AJP Official and act as a gateway for anything technical. I provide the following services:

  • Domain Registration
  • Full Stack Web Development
  • Mailing List Management

Beckett Neil


I mix all of the music and make sure it is pleasing to the ears. I also play guitar. The editing software we use includes Audacity.

Bryson Morrison


I do all of the filming. Nothing much else to say.